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Living a long and happy life is a goal for almost everyone. And if that goal is achieved, chances are you will one day find yourself as a senior citizen and elderly. But like younger people, senior citizens also desire happiness and fulfilling lives. This is why it can be so important to help them achieve social wellness.

Understanding the needs and desires of your elderly family and friends can help them have good health and giving emotional support can provide them with a great way to maintain a healthful life with dignity and comfort. If you’re wondering about the best ways to support the elderly people in your life, the following information should help.

Socialization Is Key

Many senior citizens are lacking in social connections and wellness. When they spend time alone, it becomes harder to maintain good mental and physical health. This is why socialization for seniors is key to keeping them fit and happy. Some of the benefits that socialization can bring about include:

  • Slowing Memory Loss – Studies show that senior citizens who are more socially active have slower rates of declining memory. This is most likely due to the fact that socially engaging keeps you mentally engaged, which halts the loss of memory processing in the brain.
  • Supporting Brain Health – Speaking of the brain, being socially engaged may also slow rates of dementia in the elderly and support brain health. Stress can be a factor in developing dementia, and studies show that people who are more socially engaged experience less stress.
  • Improved Quality of Life – What all of these come down to, of course, is an increased quality of life, which socialization helps with. One study showed that seniors with depression who were provided with social visits had the same sort of reaction as seniors who physically exercise. Social engagement can improve mood, and therefore improve quality of life.

Social engagement for senior citizens is an easy, simple way to improve the quality of life of seniors and keep them healthy as well.

The Benefits Of Our Facilities

Village East Inc offers a variety of living arrangements for senior citizens and the elderly. With independent living options, which include patio home and apartment home living, residents can choose optional services. And assisted living is available as well, for those residents who would like to live in their own private suite with care staff that responds 24 hours a day. Village East offers a community-building, providing social engagement when you want, and privacy and quiet as well. The hospitality services at Village East provide three meals a day and strives to make each resident, and their family, feel at home.

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Village East Inc is a non-profit senior living community that has been serving the Louisville area for over 20 years. Close to dining and shopping, yet situated on a private, park-like property, Village East Inc has a mission to meet the needs of their seniors and to help them feel at home.

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